Future project collaborations

Researchers at CrAFT and Agri-Food Thrust, along with the Food Science Technology programme at SASM and Faculty of Engineering are actively involved in various translational projects employing technologies in agrifood areas, in line with the 2035 vision towards sustainable Brunei economy and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. CrAFT has signed MOU with O.D.E. Aquaculture and Agriculture Co and the Department of Fisheries Ministry of Primary Resources And Tourism (MPRT) on a project to investigate the water quality of outdoor prawn farming to improve production efficiency using IR 4.0 technology. This project aims to develop an IR-4.0 technology-based system to improve and optimize the farming operation of the Macrobrachium rosenbergii (giant freshwater prawn), also known as Udang Galah, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) sensor technologies to enhance productivity and quality. [SDG 6, SDG 9, SDG 14]
  2. CrAFT in collaboration with Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) has designed and established a Food Development and Innovation for Enterprises (FOODIE) programme to develop collaborative research concepts for local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), such as developing nutritional quality food products, upcycling waste food products and more. In this programme, UTB researchers and MSME will jointly decide on Research Plan in writing. Upon mutual agreement between MSME and UTB researchers, a particular research concept, timeline, budget, and specific milestones to achieve the food-related research objectives to be developed under this Programme. [SDG 2, SDG3, SDG 9, SDG 12]
  3. A few farms in the Tungku, Masin, and Limpaki areas have been identified by CrAFT and MPRT for the operation of renewable energy, automation, and IoT initiatives. In this endeavor, the farm will use solar electricity, automatic technologies, and IoT to take advantage of automation and smart control through IoT. This will help farmers with their issues with plant disease and manpower. [SDG 7, SDG 9, SDG 15]
  4. Recognizing the importance of knowledge transfer in smart agriculture and aquaculture, CrAFT has developed an initiative to set up Smart Agriculture and Aquaculture Training facilities to educate farmers and other relevant industry players. [SDG 4, SDG 8]