Recreations and Sport

> Recreations and Sport

Mission: To encourage the student community to partake in extracurricular activities such as sports and any other recreational activity

The University recognizes individual students’ motivation by different things. One way is by getting physically active and be benefitted with boost of energy boost, mental health and even academic performance. There are various student-run sports offered in UTB at all levels. You can join seriously as a sports team or join for fun and enjoyment.

UTB University sports is offered at these levels:

  • Representative or performance sport – at varsity level, ie competition between universities
  • Inter Department sport – competition level within university
  • Social and recreational sport – informal participation
  • Health and wellbeing or lifestyle – eg. Gym, fitness, yoga and pilates class

You may join any of the above level and browse for the list of sports and recreation clubs in the link provided.