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Dear Students,

Student Affairs Office is here to ensure your study years in Universiti Teknologi Brunei to be a memorable one.

Our team is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing a variety of services designed to assist and support students in achieving academic excellence and personal success.

In order to achieve both as mentioned, strike a balance between academic and co-curricular. We encourage all students to self-gear towards becoming a 360˚+ profile student.  It is our mission to instill leadership and create a caring student population who willingly participate in activities.

Hence, the focus of Student Affairs Office is placed on the following six tenets :

  • Spiritual and Religious Support
    • To provide support in Islamic religious practice for ethical and spiritual development of students.
  • Academic Support
    • To coordinate learning assistance for student declaring disability either physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Community Service
    • To encourage the student body to care about the community and the environment.
  • Sports and Recreation
    • To encourage the student community to partake in extracurricular activities such as sports and any other recreational activity
  • Life Skills development
    • To mould students to be well-rounded individuals with multiple skills.
  • Campus Life
    • To inculcate a spirit of participation, advocacy and willingness to volunteer.
    • To build an environment conducive to student-centered activities



Dr Haji Rajul Adli Haji Asli

Dean of Student Affairs
Office: PC L3.08
Tel: 2461020 Ext: 6088
Civil Engineering Programme Area, Faculty of Engineering


Dk Norhafizah Binti Pg Hj Muhammad

Deputy Dean of Student Affairs
Office: 1A.17
Tel: 2461020 Ext: 1209
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme Area, Faculty of Engineering


Dayang Siti Zafirah Zawanah binti Idris

Office: GF.68
Tel: 2461020 Ext: 5121


Assisting matters pertaining to :

  • Deans Office
    • Spectacles Claim Allowance
    • Project Claim Allowance
  • Religious Unit