Vision, Mission and Strategic Plans


  • To become a centre of excellence for development of research across the University to serve as a reference for collaborations between local and foreign institutions and industries.


  • To provide avenue and opportunities to extend the research and publication outputs of academic staff members.
  • To strengthen research capability in the key and niche research areas through partnership and technology transfer;
  • To develop new products/services in the key research areas.


Strategic Focus Area (SFA)

Strategic Objectives (SO)


Quantity and Quality of Researchers and Research Projects

SO 1

Recruit high quality researchers

SO 2

Develop and conduct high quality research and projects

SO 3

Enhance quantity and quality of research publications

SO 4

Enhance quantity and quality of research students

SO 5

Develop innovative research

SO 6

Emphasize on human resource development


Professional services, strategic partnership and collaboration

SO 7

Enhance strategic partnership and collaboration with local and international institutions and industries.

SO 8

Implement a quality management system.

SO 9

Increase provision of professional services