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The Alumni Office’s primary role is to facilitate the relationship between the University and its alumni. UTB believes education and opportunity must be available for all UTBians after they leave the university. There must be continued interaction of alumni with the university in the mutual interest of sustaining the university and the alumni in their ability to develop and maintain a commitment to excellence. The office has set out the following objectives as a means of reaching out and to fulfil its mission.


  • Fostering lifelong relationships with alumni through the establishment of an active alumni maintaining communication channels and strengthening the link and relationship between the graduates and the university;
  • Supporting alumni in their professional development by establishing the link between the graduates and the university, and a career reference for development;
  • Promoting alumni contributions to the institution through their experiences in the development of the university and its educational and research programmes;
  • Facilitating alumni engagement in events and activities through the university news and updates to provide them with the university’s activities such as conferences, symposia and workshops;
  • Encouraging graduates on giving back to the university in the form of donation (monetary) or in kinds; and
  • Collecting and maintaining alumni records and data.



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