Research Facilities

The centre has accumulated several research equipment and facilities over the last 6 years. The centre welcomes research collaboration with other universities and organisations, and offers consultancy services using the available expertise and facilities. Some of the key equipment and facilities include:

  • A research operational room with storage spaces for reference documents, equipment and meeting facilities
  • Handheld speed measuring devices for spot speed studies
  • Automatic roadside-mounted radar recorder for portable traffic data collection
  • High-resolution video cameras with tripods for traffic video recording
  • Portable GPS tracking devices for route analysis
  • PTV VISUM and VISSIM software for macroscopic and microscopic traffic modelling
  • TRAIS video-based traffic data collection software
  • Traffic and highway engineering reference books, design guidelines and reports
  • ESRI ArcGIS software (in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Programme Area) and Xtools Pro
  • Recent road traffic accident database on GIS
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) SUV that is equipped with:
    • a CCTV camera mounted on a telescopic mast for traffic video data collection
    • a vehicle-mounted road surface profiler system that measures the road surface roughness at road and highway speeds
    • Front and rear video cameras
  • Miscellaneous road traffic data collection and road safety inspection tools (e.g. laser distance measuring device, portable traffic cones, reflective vests, safety boots, measuring tapes, and measuring wheel)