Vision, Mission and Major Objectives


To be an excellent university-based agri-food research institution providing value-driven and real-world solutions.



  • Maximise collaboration on transdisciplinary research.
  • Maximise translation of research into products and processes.
  • Perform research and innovation at a highest quality.
  • To generate novel knowledge and sustainable solutions for agri-food problems
  • To prepare university students and staff to become the next generation of researchers and leaders and able to serve the needs of Bruneian society.

Major Objectives

  • Develop and enhance collaboration with local and international partners to improve capacity and capability in agri-food and food science research of the center.
  • Act as a hub that propagates scientific and technological agri-food research and development.
  • Serve as a resource of technical expertise to support development of teaching and learning activities in agri-food and food science as the university and national levels.