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The Centre for Road Safety Studies was the first research centre established at Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) in February 2011. The centre was officially launched by the Honourable Minister of Communications, who is the Advisor to the Brunei National Road Safety Council (BNRSC).

In July 2014, the centre was restructured and renamed into the Centre for Transport Research (CfTR), which resulted in an expansion of the scope of the centre’s research activities to cover the broader field of transport systems (land, air, and water transport) with an emphasis on multidisciplinary and collaborative research. The research activities include policy studies, transport modelling and intelligent transport system, and focus on the following themes: Transport Safety, Highway and Geotechnics, and Traffic. It remains the only research centre in the country focusing its research in the field of transport.

The centre was established to contribute to the growth of research activities at the university and to support transport policy and strategy development through research-generated evidence, data and recommendations. The role of the centre is to carry out interdisciplinary research in the field of transport and complement the national transport plans and strategic directions.

Since its establishment, CfTR has completed several basic and applied studies on road accident hotspots, road safety assessment, public transportation, school vicinity road safety programme and safer mobility zone in residential area. The outcomes from these studies are regularly shared with and disseminated to the key stakeholders from the BNRSC including Department of Investigation and Traffic Control, Department of Roads, and the Land Transport Department, so that timely interventions could be taken.



Dr Tan Soon Jiann


Centre for Transport Research (CfTR)

T: +6732461020 Ext 6014


Dr El-Said Mamdouh Mahmoud Zahran

Deputy Director

Centre for Transport Research (CfTR)

T: +6732461020 Ext 6008