Business Continuity Plan

> Business Continuity Plan

The University’s Business Continuity Plan provides a framework for UTB to respond pro-actively to crises that can potentially disrupt the operation of the university and delivery of its services. 



  1. Defines the framework for the implementation of Business Continuity Management across the University in the event of major disruptive events.
  2. Identifies potential threats and possible impacts in advance
  3. Outlines recovery arrangements to minimize impacts of such threats to the University’s key services and critical function.


Business Continuity Management Team:

Members were appointed to ensure that during any major disaster, UTB will be able to retain its ability to conduct its daily operations as usual with minimum impact of disruption and return to normal delivery as quickly as possible.



Ext. no


BCP Lead (Chair)

Dr Mohammad Saiful bin Haji Omar


BCP Focal Point (Deputy Chair)

Mr Lim Chui Hua


BCP Alternate (Member)

Ms Elizah binti Radin Mas Ismail

Pengiran Zainathul Shema binti Pengiran Haji Metassan




Team Administrator (Secretariat)

Dk Susidzaimah binti Pg Sulaiman (Co-Secretary)

Ms Hajah Noorul Farizalina binti Abdul Karim (Co-Secretary)

Dk Siti Ariana binti Pg Hj Yusof

Dk Hjh Siti Nashrah binti Pg Hj Mohamad Yusof

Mr Ibrahim bin Hj Mohd Tahir

Mr Khairul Arifin bin Julaihi







Communication Manager


Ms Elizah binti Radin Mas Ismail

Pengiran Zainathul Shema binti Pengiran Haji Metassan




Critical Activity Lead (Member)

Ms Zuliana binti Haji Nayan

(UTB Hotline number: 8892800)



Technical/Process Advisor


Mr Hamdani bin Haji Ibrahim; and

Dr Haji Mohd Khairul Ja’afar bin Haji Masri




BC Liaison (Member)

Ms Zuliana binti Haji Nayan and

Dr Haji Rajul Adli bin Haji Asli




Roles and Responsibilities of BCP Team:



BCP Lead/BCP Focal Peraon/Alternate

o   Convenes meeting

o   Maintains high level view of recovery activity

o   Liaises with wider MOE BCP Team

o   Assigns individual to specific critical activity

o   Manages rotation of team members during incidents

Communication Manager

o   Record internal communications (BCP Issue Series via staff and students email; Registrar and Secretary’s Circular via staff and students email; official UTB social media, and individual and group whatsapp)

o   Record external communications (Press Releases (facilitated by IPRO), Official UTB social media and individual and group whatasapp)

o   Maintains enquiry log

o   Ensure media inquiries including BCP email are managed effectively

o   Summary of close contact COVID-19 cases daily report to Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education

Critical Activity Lead

o   Responsible for restoring critical activities before impact becomes significant

o   Targets recovery time to meet RTO

Technical/Process Advisor

o   Provides specialist subject matter knowledge

o   Ensure the availability of medical masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, thermometer etc.

o   Sick bay facility

BC Liaison

o   Liaises with other recovery team

Team administrator

o  Supports team leader

o  Arrange meeting


What has been done?

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, BCP team monitors the exposure of staff and students to primary and secondary contact and provide daily status report to the Ministry of Education.

BCP ensures enough supply of hand-sanitisers, infra-red thermometers, face-masks and gloves as necessary.

BCP regularly updates staff and students with information related to the Government’s and University’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic including providing up-to-date stages of de-escalation via circular and email.

BCP recommended the Work-from-Home arrangements to facilitate social and physical distancing on campus.

BCP has also produced several forms and procedures for monitoring and safeguarding the health and well-being of staff and students during the pandemic such as:


  1. Online Declaration Form for staff and students to report on their travel history
  2. Online Declaration Form for staff and students prior to travelling abroad
  3. Health Self-assessment and Staff Emergency Contact Form
  4. Procedures for student visiting UTB campus during suspension of face-to-face teaching and learning
  5. Procedures for entering and exiting UTB premises during COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Notification for Temporary Closure of Staff and Students Counter Services
  7. UTB ExperiencePLUS Declaration Form for host organisations and students
  8. Online Self-Declaration Form for students