Enterprise Office


This unit aims to provide high quality training to participants who are interested to enhance their knowledge in the area of Communication skills, leadership, Business, Engineering and Technology. Since the upgrade of UTB to a university status, UTB has been recruiting qualified and skilled academics that will be able to contribute their vast experience in these areas for community and professional development. Our Alumni and industry partners will also be invited to contribute in the training session. Our programme/courses will be tailored to the needs of the community and industry professionals and combines academic rigor with applications to real-world situations.

Targeted Participant(s)

  • UTB’s Students
  • Other Higher Education Institution
  • Graduates and
  • Public/Community


  • A provider of short programme(s)/course(s) for community and professional including refresher and advance courses
  • Dedicates to offer 21 st century learning experience
  • Offers added value education specifically tailored to the community and professionals


   Prof Dr. Kamariah binti Ismail                                                               Dr. Sharina Yunus
       Director of Enterprise Office                                                     Deputy Director of Enterprise Office
   E: kamariah.ismail@utb.edu.bn                                                   Email: sharina.yunus@utb.edu.bn
         Tel: 2461020 ext                                                                         Tel: 2461020 ext 1310

Organization Chart