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2019 : HSSE Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Week

2018 : Mental Health Awareness Campaign – First collaboration between UTB and a Project MhIND Initiative – YEP 3rd Cohort.

2019 : Self Injury Awareness Month (March)

2020: Mental Health Awareness Campaign (October)

Video related to Menta Health Awareness Campaign in UTB -


Preparing for Adulthood Workshop: Sustainability in achieving competence (Invited Speaker from Brunei SHell Petroleum)



How Do I Cope with Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety

Maintaining Mental Health during Social Distancing

Virtual Mental Health Outreach Project

Mental health has a direct influence on academic success, and it is important to cultivate practices that support emotional well-being.
The partial lockdown has impacted students by keeping them away from their friends, and this also had caused in cutting down physical activities. It is sad to say that students may experience significant increase in their emotions of anger, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness and happiness.
In relation to the recent COVID-19 outburst in Brunei, counselling unit in collaboration with EXCO Leadership, Development & Mentor, EXCO Publicity & Info-Communication Technology and EXCO Health, Safety, Security & Environment proposes a campaign to support Universiti Teknologi Brunei’s students with mental health problems during this COVID-19.
During this difficult time, it is important to continue looking out for one another, be it virtually. We propose doing a short video to give hope and strength to the general and targeted students.


Ways to check-in with people around you

Many of us are confronted with issues we have never faced before, which can be quite tough to deal with. However, keeping this in mind, we must remember that to be able to help others, we must first and foremost take care of ourselves.
Some of us have a natural tendency to be natural help, the ones our friends and family turn to when they are stressed, and it is critical that we can support others around us at our best.
It is critical to remember that when you ask someone how they are doing, you are not only inquiring about their physical health but also about their mental health. Take the time to listen and validate any worries they may have.
We all need someone to listen to us from time to time, and this is one of the most crucial forms of assistance we can offer. We can all assist in establishing a secure environment and stay present by showing empathy and compassion.



Mental Health – an Islamic Perspective: How to support your Mental Health
(in Conjunction with World Mental Health Day)

Self-Care Workshop - The Counselling Unit has invited two professional counsellors, Self-Care Support Network, to present a topic on Self Care for our students.

Cyber Bullying VS Cyber Aggression – a talk presented by Officers from Cyber Security Brunei

Is it harassment or just bad behavior? - a talk presented by RespectMe.

Art Therapy Workshop – Self exploration through Art Therapy. The workshop was facilitated by a counselling officer from the Ministry of Education.

Managing Exam Stress and Anxiety – a talk presented by Dr Asmah Husaini, Institute of Health Sciences PAP Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah.