UTB Career Ready

In order to be career ready, students and graduates need to understand the importance of reflecting your own self-competencies and skills at present and see areas that requires to be developed.

The creation of own personal brand will help you to market yourself to employers and for them to see you as professional individuals ready to be hired. Career Counselling aims to help you become career ready through various programs that encourage career development process that are offered such as career clinics, career fairs, personal development workshops, panels and information sessions.

Main objective :

  • To assist graduates who are just entering the workforce.
  • Organise initiatives with industry to enhance employability of graduates
  • Tracer Study of Recent Graduates
  • Employer Feedback and Survey


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Career News and Activities

Career Talk & workshop to enhance student's career prospects | UniversitiTeknologi Brunei (utb.edu.bn)

Booking appointment :

For any interest on developing self to be career ready, you may discuss with our relevant officer. We are staffed with one full-time Career Counselor Officer from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday- Thursday and Saturday. For urgent appointment, you may drop by the Career Counselor Office at 2F.17 or email to career@utb.edu.bn