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A review of transport demand modelling for the school run in Brunei Darussalam

F. Ariffin, Yok Hoe Yap, E.S.M.M. Zahran, Soon Jiann Tan

Brunei Darussalam is one of the most car-dependent countries in the world. The low cost of running a car, driven by a Government policy of subsidising fuel, continues to ensure the car is the preferred option for almost all trips including school run. This high car dependency leads to heavy traffic congestion outside schools and this is exacerbated as Brunei has an atypical school traffic pattern ...

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Planar and Network Spatial Analyses of Road Traffic Accidents – A Review of Methods and Tools

Angel Eng Hie Tan

Developed and developing countries are observing increasing rate of road traffic accident (RTA) and they are investing in efforts trying to reduce the frequency and severity of RTA. Extensive research has been going on to develop methods to analyse historical RTA data using GIS tools to identify and rank RTA hotspots. This helps in prioritising expenditure distribution on road maintenance at road ...

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Statistical Correlation between Road Surface Roughness and Traffic Accidents

N. Hikmah, Soon Jiann Tan, E.S.M.M. Zahran, Yok Hoe Yap, H. Taib

Road surface condition is widely accepted as one of the most important factors that affect the safety of a land transport system. Although various researchers examined different types of surface condition, only a few focused on how road roughness, particularly quantified by International Roughness Index (IRI), can contribute to the occurrences of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA). Previous studies have...

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