About GSRO

The Graduate Studies & Research (GSR) Office provides the operational environment for graduate studies, research and publications of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB). The GSR Office aims to contribute to the University’s strategic aims and to ensure UTB becomes a premier centre for quality education, research and innovation.

To ensure Graduate Studies and Research at the University is relevant and productive, the GSR Office encourages strong and vibrant links with Government Departments and Industries, and provides support to the research activities throughout the University. The GSR Office aims to further improve the day-to-day management of graduate studies and research and ensure quality control of both the graduate programmes as well as research activities. The GSR Office supports the University’s endeavour to achieve recognition in research, creativity and innovation in order to contribute to intellectual, economic and social development, both nationally and internationally.

The GSR Office is strongly linked to the University Graduate Studies Committee (UGSC) as well as the University Research Committee (URC). Both committees are comprised of senior academic and management personnel.

UGSC Terms of Reference

  1. To report to the Senate
  2. To promote Graduate Studies in UTB
  3. To ensure that Graduate Studies in UTB is of international standard
  4. To maintain quality assurance and control of Graduate Studies, mainly through receiving reports from Faculties on
    1. procedure & assessment of each research student; and
    2. proposed Supervisors, Examiners and Assessors
  5. To approve admission of graduate studentship and recommend for award of degree based on the recommendation from the Faculty Graduate Studies and Research Committee
  6. To consider appeals from graduate students regarding issues on their graduate studies and degree
  7. To advise on matters which cannot be resolved by Faculty Graduate Studies and Research Committee

URC Terms of Reference

  1. To report to the Senate
  2. To devise strategies to assist the University in meeting its research objectives
  3. To formulate, discuss and review policies, guidelines and regulations pertaining to research of the University, for subsequent approval and endorsement by the Senate
  4. To monitor knowledge transfer and commercialization activities as a means of informing research strategies and vice versa
  5. To consider and decide on applications for University Research Fellows/Associates based on recommendation of the appropriate Faculties/Research Centres/Thrusts
  6. To consider and decide on the application for Associate and Research leave
  7. To advise and make recommendations on research matters by Faculties/Research Centres/Thrusts
  8. To endorse recommendations from Research Centres/Thrusts and give approval on applications for research grants and research leave in accordance with approved policies, guidelines and regulations.


Dr Mohamed Saleem Aja Nazmudeen
UTB School of Computing and Informatics
Room: 2F.01
Tel: +673 2461020 Ext: 5355
Email: twan.au@utb.edu.bn
Deputy Dean Graduate Studies
Dr S H Shah Newaz
School of Computing and Informatics
Email: shah.newaz@utb.edu.bn
Deputy Dean Research
Assistant Professor Dr Law Kah Haw
Faculty of Engineering
Email: kahhaw.law@utb.edu.bn
Research Coordinator
Maziri bin Dr. Hj Morsidi
Faculty of Engineering
Email: maziri.morsidi@utb.edu.bn
Assistant Project Officer
Siti Shafwanah binti Samin
Room: Staff and Students Centre (SSC)
Tel: +673 2461020 Ext: 5152
Email: shafwanah.samin@utb.edu.bn
Office Clerk
Hjh Suzaimah binti Hj Abdullah
Room: Staff and Students Centre (SSC)
Tel: +673 2461020 Ext: 5166
Email: suzaimah.abdullah@utb.edu.bn