Admissions FAQs


MSc by Coursework, MSc by Research and PhD programme also available at:

  • Faculty of Engineering
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Civil Engineering (Full-time & Part-time)
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Mechanical Engineering (Full-time)
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (Full-time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)
  • UTB School of Business
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Management & Technology (Full-time & Part-time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)
  • School of Computing and Informatics
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Computing and Information Systems (Full Time)
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Cyber Security (Full-time & Part-time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)
  • School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Food Science and Technology (Full-time & Part-time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)
  • School of Design
    • Masters in Architecture (Full Time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)
  • Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning
    • MSc (by Coursework) in Communication (Full-time & Part-time)
    • MSc by Research (Full-Time & Part-time)
    • PhD (Full-Time & Part-time)

*MSc by Research and PhD programmes are offered in their respective programme areas under Faculty/School/Centre.






3 Years

6 Years

MSc by Research

2 Years

4 Years

MSc by Coursework

1 Years

2 Years


Further details regarding specific graduate programmes can be found at Academic webpage under the respective Faculty/School/Centre.


Currently not all programmes are offered for both intakes. Only Master’s by research and PhD programmes are available for January Intake but for August Intake, all Master’s by coursework, Master’s by research and PhD programmes are available.


You may contact the relevant academic staff or Programme Leader of the respective Faculty/School/Centre.  Their contacts information is available at the Academic webpage.


You can refer to Master’s degree programmes and PhD degree programmes general admission requirements for further details.


The English Language requirements may be waived where qualifying studies in Higher Education were in the medium of English Language. Where candidates completed their higher education more than 2 years prior to their current application, they will need to show that they have continued to study or work. Please provide the evidence as a supporting document that you have studied in medium of English Language from your previous University.


There are a number of scholarship opportunities for graduate studies. You can refer to scholarships for graduate programme webpage for further details and its eligibility requirements.


You can refer to graduate programme fees and general fees webpage for further details. Any further enquiries please email to .


The payment details for registration will be emailed to you once you have accepted the offer from UTB. The details will be also available in your offer letter. Payment can also be made through Online Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

Payment to Finance Office – Applicable to Fee Paying/ Self-funded only.

a.       Programme Fee

The Programme Fee varies for local and international student, varies for full time and part time student. This fee is payable upon acceptance of the offer letter.  Please refer to your offer letter the amount and UTB website for the rates applicable to you.

·         Local Fee-Paying Students – 50% of academic year (One Semester)

·         International Students (Green IC) – 50% of total programme fee

Programme Fee balance can be paid in full or by instalments. There is an Instalment Plan options. Please refer to Finance Office for further details at



b.       Acceptance Fee (Non-refundable)


BND 100

c.       Programme Deposit (Non-refundable if withdraw or fail)


BND 300

d.       Examination Fee

Applicable for Fee-Paying Students only, payable at final semester

·         MSc (Full and Part Time) BND 500

·         PhD (Full and Part Time) BND 750




Payment to Student Representative Council (MPPUTB) – Applicable to all students including scholarship recipients and fee-paying/self-funded students.

e.       Student Association Charges (BND 60/per year)

·         B$60.00 x durations of study (years)

(For example: PhD (full-time), BND 60 x 3 years = BND 180)



f.        Orientation Pack

The pack is a starter kit for all new students and compulsory to buy as one whole pack.


BND 80

g.       Volunteer Programme

This is a yearly orientation programme for all new students to take part. The Volunteer Programme aims to encourage all students at the University to reach out to our local community in need. By donating the amount stated, it will be used as for purchasing materials to assist the programme.

: BND 5


You can apply through UTB online application and select postgraduate.


No, only one application for one applicant is allowed.


UTB processes applications for graduate studies twice a year:

  • January Intake – 31st August*
  • August Intake – 31st March*

*Closing dates are subject to change and will be notified through UTB website.


  • Identity card for local applicant / Passport for International applicant
  • Degree certificate(s) & transcript(s)
  • A-level (or equivalent) and O-level (or equivalent) certificate & transcripts
  • English Language Qualifications if applicable (e.g.: IELTS, TOEFL, O Level)
  • Sponsorship letter (if applicable)
  • Reference letters and confidential report of Head of Department or authorised person (for in-service training applicants)
  • A personal statement
  • Research proposal (For Masters by research / PhD applicants only)

Masters by coursework, Masters by research / PhD applicants:

Please provide a personal statement explaining why you have chosen this course, how your previous education and experience have prepared you for the course and impact it will have on your future career.

Masters by research / PhD applicants:

Please provide an outline of your proposed research programme. This should include an outline of the research questions/areas, aims of the project, methodology (if known), potential impact of the research and some key background literature/references (1500 words). Please also state your preferred supervisor (if known).


For January Intake – Notification of acceptance in October.

For August Intake – Notification of acceptance in June.

The notification of acceptance will be emailed to applicants who are offered an admission by the University.


You can email  to ask about the status of your application.


If you are experiencing a technical issue with the application, we suggest you try a different browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

If you continue to experience issues, please email


The maximum file size for each document required to be uploaded to your application must not exceed 1MB. Should you experience any issues, reduce the size of your document and try uploading it again.

If you continue to experience issues, please email or


The university reserves the right to reject this application if, at any stage that the information provided is incorrect. Please take note that any changes are not allowed once you have submitted the application. You are advised to check your application thoroughly before submitting.


You should submit a new application with supporting documents.


Yes, you can apply If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree (or master’s degree if applicable) and currently in the final semester of your study. Please request transcripts/progress report from your university showing the modules/courses you have completed to date.

If you are issued an admission offer based upon your study to date, you will be offered as conditional offer and once you received a confirmation letter for the date of conferral of your degree, you will need to submit to Graduate Studies and Research office via email at


You can get the information about the living costs by emailing to Student Welfare Officer at


Currently there are no on-campus accommodation available at UTB, but student can apply accommodation to UBD Old Hostel & THE CORE Residential College (depending on availability & priority).

The Core Residential College details:

The Core Residential College,
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Tungku Link Gadong, BE 1410

+673 872 5688 (Front Desk Hotline)
+673 872 1452 (Marketing And Event Hotline)
+673 7339568 (Maintenance Hotline)