Short Course by CCTL

Previous Courses

CCTL conducted a Hospitality English course for staff from Empire Hotel. The course ran for 14 weeks with 1.5 hour sessions per week. It was held on location at Empire Hotel to accommodate the staff.

The course was aimed to equip hotel employees with the necessary Communication skills to function effectively in the hospitality industry.

On completion of the course, participants were able to identify and use appropriate oral and written modes of communication in a hotel environment.

Royal Brunei Navy Technical English courses

CCTL conducted Technical English courses at the Naval Technical Training School in Muara. These two or four week intensive courses (50 hours or 100 hours respectively) ran prior to the trainees embarking on their Marine Engineering or Weaponry courses. The Technical English courses achieved good outcomes in that the trainees were better able to cope with the English language demands imposed on them during their training.