CCTL Teaching & Learning Activities


The Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning (CCTL) is also offering consultancy and training programmes for UTB staff and students, and interested external stakeholders. Courses can be customised and tailored to suit the needs and demands of industries and organisations.

Some of the training programmes CCTL is currently involved in are as follows:

Student Development Programme (SDP)

SDP offers a series of skills specific workshops designed to enable students to develop their communication skills. Each workshop focuses on a specific skill area and helps the students to enhance their confidence and competence. Workshops are conducted based on the needs of schools and faculty.


Faculty Development Programmes (FDP)

CCTL conducts seminars and workshops on innovative pedagogy focusing on assessment, curriculum, reflective teaching and quality assurance. The primary aim of this initiative is to assist academic staff to become more competent as facilitators of learning within the context of higher education and to promote internal quality assurance at UTB. Thus, the general objectives are:

  • To increase understanding of teaching and learning processes;
  • To improve competence in teaching and assessment methods;
  • To foster reflective teaching practice and professionalism; and,
  • To encourage the development of a scholarly and research-based approach to teaching and learning.

Administrative Staff Development Programme (ASDP)

The ASDP offered workshops to all non-academic staff (administrative and support staff) of the university. The primary aims of this initiative are:

  • To foster effective organisational and communication skills;
  • To improve and practice effective team work;
  • To enhance administrative staff development skills in UTB office environment.