Modules Offered

The centre offers the following four modules for the degree students.

1. Effective Communication

The module aims to enable the students to

  • Apply critical thinking to the process of human communication
  • Appreciate and use decision making in communication
  • Appreciate the value of creative thinking in group processes in communication
  • Use strategic planning in conversations

2. Professional Communication

This module equips students to:

  • Write short reports
  • Conduct and participate in negotiations
  • Prepare and deliver business presentations

3.Technical Communication

This module equips students to:

  • Communicate technical content clearly
  • Collaborate on communication tasks
  • Write short technical reports
  • Prepare and deliver technical presentations

4.Research Communication

This module equips students to

  • Write concepts notes and research proposals
  • Write research papers using correct and appropriate style of academic writing
  • Disseminate research information through visuals
  • Prepare and deliver conference presentations

Centre For Communication, Teaching And Learning (CCTL) offers higher order communication courses to all students of UTB. The centre also organises staff development courses in areas related to teaching and learning

Modules Offered