Student Achievement Passport

> Student Achievement Passport

The SAP is a document issued to all students when they first registered as full time students in UTB. It is valid for the duration of their studies in UTB. It is used by students who are interested to record their achievements in three areas: Life skills, community service and physical recreation.

Students are encouraged to set their personal goals and to use their own means to record an activity towards fulfilling their goals. E.g. A student may want to perform three community services in a semester, and each time they do the service, they can approach a respected member of the community and convince him/her to sign in the passport as proof.

Recording in the SAP is not confined to UTB activities only; Students may record activities that are relevant to the three areas from anywhere; i.e. we hope students will lean towards participation in their life and while they are students at UTB, we give recognition in the form of the SAP.

Apart from the above, the SAP is also used to record national and UTB level activities such as the National day Parade etc.

AspirationOur aspiration is to encourage students to participate at all levels and whatever level each and every student is comfortable with. We aim to encourage students to care enough to want to be part of their community. Furthermore, we hope that potential employers will recognise each student’s additional value through their respective SAP.

At the end of their study, the SAP is collected for assessment to determine the top scorers in each of the three areas; Awards will be during the Convocation or the Evening Celebration Ceremony. SAPs will be handed back to the students for “keeps” during their convocation.

Apart from the top honours, students will be issued a Certificate of participation only if they participate at some level;