The School of Design organised an Evaluation of Prototype Day, showcasing the work of 17 second-year students from the Product Design program, debutting a total of 8 group projects entitled, "The Tale of The Unfilial Son: Nakhoda Manis," "Alunan Lagu-Lagu Kitani," "Elagitarian," "Brunei's Sea Turtle," "Project Kampong Ayer," "Wheel of Simpur," "Tarian Alai Bubu Jewelry Box," and "Perjuangan Pendekar Melayu."

In addition to presenting their projects, the students displayed the products they created as part of their modules: DP2102 Model Making and Rendering and EE1511 Electrical Laboratory Skills with 8 and 9 designs, respectively. These modules required the students to design a new concept of business using a truck and a product utilising Arduino and a sensor, respectively.

The event's main objective was to gather responses and feedback from academics and industry professionals on the students' design concepts. It also aimed to allow the students to present their work to the public and gain valuable experience in doing so.

A panel of judges, consisting of industry and faculty members, evaluated each project based on creativity, functionality, market potential, and design aesthetics criteria. The students impressed the audience with their presentations, showcasing their passion and dedication to their craft.

The "Alunan Lagu-Lagu Kitani" project by Nuradilah Binti Haji Mohd. Hamdilah and Siti Nur Aisyah Binti Haji Mohd Suhaimi won the favourite design by the visitors' vote. "Project Kampong Ayer" by Aiman Roslan and Abdul Muizz Safiuddin Bin Sherin received the best presentation. "Elagitarian" by Dayangku Amanina Farzana Binti Pengiran Matsah and Nor Azreena Binti Mohamed Azlan received the inspirational MIB design.

The event also facilitated networking and collaboration between the students and industry professionals, thus allowing the students to engage in meaningful discussions with potential employers, seeking guidance and advice on further refining their designs for commercial production.

The evaluation process is crucial in the student's design education, encouraging them to think critically, push boundaries, and continuously improve their skills. The feedback received during this event will contribute to their growth as designers and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive design industry.