18 DECEMBER 2018 – A Handover Ceremony was held today at the Library Complex, Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB), in support of a research and development project lead by the School of Computing & Informatics (SCI).

The cheque was presented by Yang Mulia Ms Nurwajeemah Abdullah @ Nancy Kwang, Senior District Director of BR Nancy District, and received by Yang Mulia Dr Mohammad Saiful Bin Hj Omar, Deputy Dean of SCI, who is also the lead researcher of the project. In attendance were UTB principal officers, Senior Managers from BR Nancy District, staff and students of the University.

The sponsored research project was on a robotic prosthetic hand which aims to develop a lightweight, low-cost 3D printed bionic hand. The project also aims to optimize its control to obtain acceptable usability in performing specific tasks by amputee patients. The team has been conducting the research for the past fifteen months.

As of to date, a prototype has been developed and the project is now at the clinical phase where it will work with voluntary amputees to incorporate changes to the existing prototype to improve upon its usability. This would involve several tests to be conducted including human-machine interface usability. This also includes classification accuracies to fine-control the hand to optimize performance of certain tasks by the amputee.


The donation from the BR-Nancy District’s ‘We Care fund’ is a valuable contribution for the project as it will help enable the team to acquire essential equipment for the next phase of the project.

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