Universiti Teknologi Brunei is an engineering and technology university in Brunei Darussalam that specializes in the niche areas of engineering, business and computing.

UTB was established as a higher learning institution in 1986 that offered Higher National Diploma programmes in Engineering, Business and Computing. These programmes are aimed at producing para-professionals for the industry. UTB’s ethos has always been based around the idea that effective instruction, hands-on approach and industry-based programmes equip students with fundamental knowledge, competence and marketable skills. This guiding principle has helped UTB produce graduates who are highly valued by local employers and readily accepted by universities in the UK, Australia and other countries where UTB students further their studies.

UTB was upgraded to a university in 2008, and since then, tremendous development has taken place including the expansion of its academic programmes portfolio, establishment of strategic partnerships with industries and universities, embarking on the process of programmes accreditation by professional bodies, and intensification of research activities.

Although UTB has moved towards offering undergraduate and graduate programmes starting from 2009, UTB continues to take pride in and maintain its successful hands-on approach in teaching and learning, and also the relevancy of its curricula to the needs of the industry.

In research, UTB is striving to become a university that can contribute to the enrichment of knowledge and the solving of contemporary issues through its research endeavours. UTB’s research efforts are focused along three research thrusts: Oil and Gas, Green Technology and Water. The UTB Centre for Transport Research (CfTR) was established to carry out research activities that include policy studies, transport modelling and intelligent transport system, and focuses on the areas of Transport Safety, Highway & Geotechnics, and Traffic. The Centre for Innovative Engineering aims to become a dynamic centre for multidisciplinary and innovative translational research.

Today in 2017, UTB is home to around 1,439 students and 241 staff including 134 academic staff. UTB has produced over 5,000 HND graduates and 500 degree graduates. Academic programmes are being offered by the Faculty of Engineering, School of Computing and Informatics, UTB School of Business and School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics. The Faculty of Engineering comprises of four programme areas: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum & Chemical Engineering. The School of Computing and Informatics consists of three programme areas: Creative Computing, Computer Information Systems and Computer Network Security. Meanwhile, the UTB School of Business has three programme areas: Economics, Accounting and Management. The Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning supports the faculty and schools in terms of students’ language proficiencies and soft skills development. School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics offer food science and technology, applied mathematics and economics.

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