20 October 2021 – About 50 attendees comprising lecturers and students gained new insights about the application of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) at a Lecture Series entitled ‘Lean Six Sigma in Just-in-Time System Manufacturing: From Insights into Practices’. The lecture series organised by the UTB’s Faculty of Engineering (FEng) was delivered by a guest speaker from Petronas Malaysia.

The lecture began by introducing what LSS is, as defined by Mr. Fahrurazi Baharum, Head of Organisation Improvement and Senior Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt, in business definition LSS is known as a systematic approach in achieving and sustaining business success by focusing on customer-driven value. Meanwhile, in operational definition, Mr. Fahrurazi said that LSS is a set of data-driven tools integrated into a structured problem-solving approach to improve process performance variation to meet the business requirement.

According to Mr. Fahrurazi, LSS is the best tool to drive continual improvement in any organisations. The attendees were given a concise overview of Petronas and how LSS could benefit the organisation. The relation between, Kaizen – continuous improvement, and LSS were also explained.

The attendees were then briefed about the difference between Lean (waste elimination) that focuses on speed and flexibility, and Six Sigma (quality improvement) which gives stability and accuracy. Therefore, when both are being executed together, it gives a powerful union that could solve various types of problems related to the improvement of processes and products.

The series then concluded with some examples of where Lean can be implemented in Petronas such as the lean application in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, organisation safety, greenhouse project execution, improving group procurement operation, and maintenance and operations.