The Health, Safety and Environment is under the purview of Assistant Vice Chancellor (Industry and Services) of Universiti Teknologi Brunei


The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is dedicated to support and advise in all aspect of health, safety and environment for staff, students and visitors. This goal is accomplished by developing programmes and guidelines to ensure that everyone is engaging and encouraging a culture of safety that will prevent fatalities, injuries, illness and disabilities on the job or while studying in the University.

In achieving towards the capability in HSE, we provide Risk Assessment forms that are designed to assist us to comply with relevant items of risk assessment – based on the health and safety legislation, and hence with the Workplace Safety and Health Order (2009)

  • Safety guidelines for campus event
  • Safety guidelines for team leaders during student fieldwork/study trip
  • UTB personnel Overseas Travel and Risk Assessment (RA1)
  • UTB Experience PLUS and Risk Assessment (RA 2)
  • Accident/Incident Report form
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Health, Safety & Environment Unit (HSE)
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