Green Technology | Energy & Environment

The research cluster team has extensive expertise in the following research areas:

  • Thermal Analysis, thermal renewable energy, aerodynamics and Drag control
  • Solar Drying System, Bio-oil production from waste and Activated Carbon by Pyrolysis Process
  • Power economics and electricity markets, Power system investment, planning and operation optimization, Smart grids and electric vehicles, Power system alarm processing, fault diagnosis and system restoration
  • Power Electronics, Electrical Renewable Energy Systems, Power Engineering Systems
  • Modeling and simulation of power system for transient studies
  • Antennas, Cognitive radio networks, Wireless sensor Networks, Ultrawideband communications and Signal processing
  • Green Technology that includes mainly utilisation of biogenic waste, waste plastic and waste tire; application of microwave energy in chemical process; wastewater treatment; flue gas conditioning; renewable energy source, and synthesis of nanomaterial

The following are the active research projects:

  • Fushuan WenM. A. Salam & S. P. Ang – Vulnerability Assessment in Brunei Power System
  • Fushuan WenS. P. Ang & M. A. Salam – Supply reliability and maintenance scheduling for Zhuhai-Macau interconnected power system
  • Fushuan WenS. P. Ang & M. A. Salam – Investment Optimization Models for a Regional Low-Voltage Power Grid
  • Fushuan WenS. P. Ang & M. A. Salam – Life Cycle Cost (LCC) based management strategy for transmission and distribution assets”, Funded by China Southern Power Grid Company Limited, China with collaborations Shenzhen University, China; Shenzhen Power Company, China.
  • Dr. Md. Gholam Yazdani – Sustainable Energy from Wood Waste and its Environmental Impact
  • Mohammad Rakib Uddin – Si photonic nano technology: on-chip digital photonic logic device development for ultra-high speed computation and communication applications.

For interested research collaboration, research scholarships and/or graduate study opportunities, please contact the cluster leader or respective researcher:

Dr. Md. Gholam Yazdani
Cluster Leader

  • Research Interests:
    • Energy, Thermo-Fluid Engineering, Over 37 years of experience both as an academician and as a professional in Mechanical Engineering specialized in the area of fluid mechanics and flow induced vibration. Worked as a Mechanical Engineer in a steam power plant in Libya. Served in Singapore and Bangladesh as academician and professional engineer. Published many papers in International Journals and conference in the field of thermo-fluid engineering. Senior member of Universitye of Engineers, Singapore.
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