27 May 2019 – The School of Computing and Informatics (SCI) hosted a research talk on ‘Cyber Security: New Applications – Old Problem?’ At SCI Lecture Theatre of the University.

The talk was conducted by Yang Mulia Professor Francis Y.L. Chin, Emeritus and Honorary Professor of the Department of Computer Science from The University of Hong Kong. Also present were the Dean of SCI, Yang Mulia Dr. Au Thien Wan; lecturers; staff and students of UTB.

The talk focused on how data are processed and generated in huge volumes that contains useful aggregates as well as individuals’ private information.  This would lead to a dilemma of access versus privacy on how to allow access to the information while protecting privacy. The information of individuals is stored in databases. The database security/privacy problem is to allow users to obtain the statistical information, and at the same time to preserve the privacy of individuals.

The speaker also discussed on the various protection schemes such as data perturbation, output perturbation and query restriction as well as conventional protection schemes that controls the number of records satisfying the query.

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