Green Technology | Computational Sciences

The Computational Science research cluster supports researchers with hardware, software, and useful social activities such as talk and reading groups. We believe that, by providing a conducive and interactive platform to our researchers, innovative idea will successfully grow. The cluster pursues not only its own research agenda in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science, Machine learning, Modelling and Simulation, but also services other clusters by providing required computing services to their projects.

The following are the active research programmes:

  • Mathematics Wall: An interactive wall that accepts handwritten mathematical input and provides solutions to the input problems
  • Motion Analysis and Synthesis: A 3D environment that could simulate real world activities e.g., crowd simulation, traffic flow, ergonomics study, etc
  • Gesture recognition: A scene analysis system that recognises users’ behaviours
  • Directional sound system: A DSS system could send directional sound to a target audience

Completed projects: Mathematical Modelling of Some Coastal Processes

For interested research collaboration, research scholarships and/or graduate study opportunities, please contact the cluster leader or the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research:

Dr. Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk
Cluster Leader

  • Research Interests:
    • Artificial Intelligence, Creative Computing, Machine Learning & Data Mining, Emergent Computing.

Professor Dr. Guo Zhenren
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

  • Research Interests:
    • Environmental Hydraulics; Water Quality Monitoring and Management, Integrated Management of Coastal Zones, Water Resource and Environmental Engineering.
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