Student Development Programme: Workshops for students

The Centre proposes to launch a Student Development Programme (SDP) in August 2018. The SDP programme involves a series of skills specific workshops designed to enable students to develop their  academic and research writing  skills. Each workshop focuses on a specific skill area and helps students to enhance their confidence and competence in that area.

Workshops are scheduled mostly on Saturdays. Seats are limited, so students are encouraged to book ahead of time.

Faculty Development Programme.

The Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning (CCTL) is launching  Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in  early 2018. The aim of the Faculty Development Programme is to equip UTB faculty with ‘Scholarship of teaching-learning’ (SoTL) knowledge and skills required in higher education. Structure of the Programme. Workshops are planned from February to November 2018. FDP consists of 12 modules (4 core modules and 8 elective modules). Faculty members are expected to choose 4 core modules and 2 elective modules,  will be awarded with a certificate. 

The FDP modules consist of (i) core modules and (ii) elective modules. The list of core modules are (i) Teaching Portfolio; (ii) Foundation of Teaching in Higher Education; (iii) Mapping for Module Intended Learning Outcome (MILO); (iv) Methods of Assessment and Scoring Criteria. The elective module are (i) Flipped Classroom; (ii) Problem Based Learning; (iii) Summative & Formative Assessment; (iv) Brunei Cultural Heritage; (v) Continuous Quality Improvement; (vi)  Writing for Teaching-Learning Journals; (vii) Collaborative & Cooperative Learning; (vix) Constructive Alignment of Programme Intended Learning Outcome (PILO)

Personal Development

Undergraduate students face different challenges in relation to their learning compare to its different expectation from schools and colleges. The aim of our workshops is to provide a little bit of extra input before pressure points come around. This course emphasises specific study and organizational skills necessary to become a successful student. The goal is for the student to develop skills that will provide the competencies to be a successful learner.


  • To improve the students study skills, thereby enabling them to be active, organized learners and to be more successful in their content subjects
  • To clarify individual educational goals and objectives; identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and their importance for total academic success
  • To develop academic study habits (improved recall, time-management strategies, reading comprehension, test-taking strategies, effective note taking, and improved listening skills); developing the ability to effectively apply good study habits
  • To develop confidence, motivation and enthusiasm for personal management toward academic success
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