Library Facilities

OPAC Workstation
OPAC stand for Open Public Access Catalogue and can be found at every level. This is used to search for library collections from the UTB Library OPAC website (See also UTB OPAC).

Study Carrels
Individual study spaces can be found on every level and in almost every corner.

Round Tables
Open group discussion tables can be found at Level 2.

Casual seatings
Few sofas, coffee tables and bean bags can be found on Level 1 and Level 3 for casual seating or group discussion.

24/7 Study Area
A place where you can study for 24 hours and 7 days which consists of study carrels. This room will only be closed during Friday prayer (12 pm - 2 pm).

Presentation Corner
This is an open space area at Level 1 with a projector, mobile television and a few chairs. Use upon reservation by coming to the Main Counter.

Syndicate Room
A total of 7 syndicate rooms are ready to be used by registered membership users for group discussions and meetings. Syndicate Rooms 1 - 6 can accommodate up to 6 people, while Syndicate Room 7 can put up to 12 people.

Fawaz Training Room
This room consists of a projector, mobile television, whiteboard, tables and chairs that are ready to be used for any training session, lecture, presentation or mini-conference. This room can accommodate up to 30 people and needs to be booked in advance from the Main Counter, Level 1.

Meeting Room
This room with a projector that can only be used by UTB staff where you need to book in advance at the Main Counter. This room can accommodate up to 15 people and is ready to be used anytime during the Library opening hours (See also UTB Library Opening Hours)</p

Registered membership users can use the locker by requesting to the Main Counter, Level 1, and showing their UTB ID card (for RBS members please use the staff/student ID of the respective University or School).

Please take note that:

  • One person is only allowed to use one locker.
  • All locker keys taken and returned must be properly signed at the Main Counter.
  • Please renew your locker key every TWO HOURS at the Main Counter.
  • All locker keys must be returned 15 MINUTES BEFORE closing hours on the same day.
  • Users are NOT ALLOWED to leave the Library Building with the locker key.
  • No items should be left overnight in the locker.
  • All lockers must be kept clean after each use.
  • The library will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  • Any loss of the locker key must be reported immediately to the library staff. A fine will be imposed on the user.

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*Note: All services listed above are ONLY available during library operating hours.