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The library holds over 50,000 items in many formats, more than 1 million titles for eBook and eJournal, and 5 modules from British Standard Online Library (BSOL). The collection heavily emphasises the areas of engineering, technology, business, computing, architecture, product design, mathematics and applied sciences. These are relevant to the existing programmes of the University.

The collection is served within the following categories:

  • Lending
  • Reference

The reference collection consists of various reference tools, including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories, indexes, handbooks, guides and many more. These materials can be found in the Reference Section at Level 2. Usage is strictly within the library only.

1. General Collection

Location: Level 2 and Level 3
Book spine label: Yellow Colour

General Collection initially focuses on engineering, computing and business but has evolved and developed into other subject areas parallel to new programmes specifically after UTB's upgrade to a University in 2008. The additional programmes come under the School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics and the School of Design.

2. Foreign Mission Collection

Location: Level 1
Book spine label: Yellow colour + Country’s flag

This collection consists of books contributed by foreign missions based in Brunei Darussalam. They aim to promote their culture, traditions, language, and ethnic composition through reading. Some of the books are academic books used as references by staff and students of UTB. We have in the collection the following:

  1. The India Publication Shelf, Republic of India
  2. The American Shelf, United States of America
  3. Ibn Al-Thahabi Publication Corner, Sultanate of Oman
  4. The Chinese Shelf, People’s Republic of China
  5. Le Coin Canadien (The Canadian Corner), Canada
  6. Bangabandhu-Bangladesh Corner, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  7. Professor Maryam Mirzakhani Shelf, The Islamic Republic of Iran
  8. Viet Nam Corner, The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
  9. Sudut Nukilan Malaysia, Malaysia
  10. Korea Corner, The Republic of Korea
  11. Cambodia Corner, Cambodia
  12. Book Corner of Türkiye, Republic of Türkiye
  13. Lao PDR Book Corner, Lao PDR

3. Bruneiana Collection

Location: Level 2
Book spine label: Purple Colour

Locally published material that can only be used for references. Here you can find the backdated newspaper bounded in trimonthly, local standards, Melayu Islam Beraja (M.I.B) related topics and many others.

4. ASEAN Collection

Location: Level 3
Book spine label: Pink Colour

5. Islamic Collection

Location: Level 3
Book spine label: Green Colour

6. Fiction Collection

Location: Level 2
Book spine label: Black Colour

7. Journals & Magazines (subscribed & gifts)

Location: Level 2 and Level 3

Most of the collection is related to Business and Management, Computing, Communication and Engineering.

8. Conference Proceeding Collection

Location: Level 3
Book spine label: Blue Colour

9. Kid's Book Cave Collection

Location: Level 1 (behind the staircase)

10. VC Collection

Location: Level 1 (behind the staircase)

11. Reference Collection

Location: Level 2
Book spine label: Red Colour + red coloured text "FOR REFERENCE ONLY"

12. AV/Media Collection

Location: Main Counter, Level 1

13. Digital Collection

Location: UTB Library OPAC (see also UTB Library eResources page)

14. Weeded Titles Shelves

Location: Level 3

15. DOC & UTB Publication Collection

Location: Level 3

16. Digital Newspapers

Location: PC at Level 1

Online local newspapers for Borneo Bulletin, Media Permata and Pelita Brunei

17. Student's Final Year Project

Location: Library Print Shop Counter (LPS Counter), Level 2