25 July 2020 – The School of Computing and Informatics (SCI) conducted an ‘Introductory Guide for Preparing Research Reports’ workshop at the Executive Room of the University.

The workshop was designed to provide participants with an overview of the desired characteristics of a research report, especially ways to write conferences and journals.

About twenty attendees which comprises of lecturers, staff and postgraduate students participated in the workshop facilitated by Professor Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, Associate Professor in Creative Computing, SCI.

At the workshop, the participants were involved in discussions on the upcoming international conference on Computational Intelligence in Information Systems (CIIS) 2020 and ways to get a template for Springer formats. An overview of the paper writing styles, both layout and stylistic characteristics i.e., formality, objectivity, academic honesty and responsibility were also discussed.

The participants are expected to appreciate the desired characteristics of a good research report that could contribute to the upcoming CIIS 2020 conference.




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