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Water is a precious natural resource and one of basic environment medium needed by all life. It is required in everyday life and production of human being. Brunei Darussalam however has one of the highest rates of water usage amongst Asia and is at a worrying trend for the Government and may become unsustainable. In addition, Brunei is also moving towards improving its food security and reducing dependence of importation of food. For example, the Government has a goal of increasing rice self-sufficiency and is subsequently looking at ways, such as irrigation, to increase rice-production output. On the other hand, water quality deterioration and flooding have cast two water problems faced by Brunei. Therefore, water has become one of the top priority areas in the current policies of the Government of Brunei.

UTB aims to increase the research capacity and activity in areas relating to water security, water resources, water engineering, water quality and wastewater management, as well as coastal water environment. On a global perspective, the worrying trend of changing climate and rainfall patterns provide the opportunity for UTB researchers to contribute and understand these complex patterns and provide solutions both at local and global levels.

There are currently 2 Research Clusters under the Water Research Thrust:

Water Research Thrust Leader

Professor Dr. Guo Zhenren

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