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Selected Publication of the Members

  • Shahriar Shams, KBM Hj Shafiuddin, Asmaal Muizz Sallehhin Bin Hj Mohammad Sultan, Rozeana Binti Hj Md. Juani (2015). Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change in Brunei Darussalam: A Step towards Food Security, Environment and Urbanization Asia, 6 (1): 59–70, http://doi: 10.1177/0975425315585193, SAGE Publication.
  • Hajivalie F, Yeganeh-Bakhtiary A, Bricker J (2015). Numerical study of submerged vertical breakwater dimension effect on the wave hydrodynamics and vortex generation, Coastal Engineering Journal, World Scientific Pub Co., 57(3) 1550009; DOI: 10.1142/S0578563415500096.
  • Kamranzad B, Etemad-Shahidi A, Chegini V and Yeganeh-Bakhtiary A (2015). Climate Change impact on wave energy in the Persian Gulf, Journal of Ocean Dynamics, 65 (6): 777-794.
  • Sahu, J.N., Acharya, J., Sahoo, B.K., Meikap, B.C. (2015). Optimization of lead(II) sorption potential using developed activated carbon from tamarind wood with chemical activation by zinc chloride, Desalination and Water Treatment, In press.
  • Islam, M.T., Ganesan, P., Sahu, J.N., Sandaran, S.C. (2015). Effect of column angles to rise velocity of a single bubble: A CFD study, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, In press.
  • Karri, R.R., Wang X. and Gerritsen, H. (2014). Ensemble based prediction of water levels and residual currents in the Singapore regional waters for operational forecasting, Environmental Modelling & Software, 54, 24-38, 2014.
  • Karri, R.R., Badwe, A., Wang, X., Elserafy, G., Sumihar, J., Babovic V. and Gerritsen, H. (2013) Application of data assimilation for improving forecast of water levels and residual currents in Singapore regional waters, Ocean Dynamics, Vol 63 (1), 43-61.
  • Chen, D., Shams, S., Carmona-Moreno, C. and Leone, A. (2010) Assessment of Open Source GIS Software for Water Resources Management in Developing Countries. J. of Hydro-Environment Research, Vol. 4, Issue 3, October 2010, pp 253-264.
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