6 April 2019 – The UTB student drama production event was held at the White Canopy, Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB). It was organised by the students from the UTB Drama, Reading and Musical (DREaM) Club.

UTB will showcase their very first musical performance entitled “A Cinder in the Dark” that will be held in August this year. The production will take place over a two-day period starting Saturday, 17 August 2019 for the premier show.

The production event was attended by Yang Mulia Dr. Malai Zeiti binti Sheikh Abdul Hamid in her capacity as the UTB DREaM Club Faculty Advisor and the President of the Brunei Reading and Literacy Association (RELA); UTB staff, lecturers and students as well as RELA executive members. The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah, followed by welcoming remarks from the President of UTB DREaM Club, Awang Mohammad Noradha Shah bin Sarugi. The event began with a synopsis sharing for the upcoming musical drama performance, poem recital by a representative from the UTB DREaM Club and short interview session among cast members with members of the floor.

“A Cinder in the Dark” is the title of a fictional musical drama performance based on a story of a fairytale character, Cinderella who meets Darth Vader, a sci-fi character from Star Wars. In this epic story of good and bad, the story contrasts how the two fictional characters met and engaged due to a twist in time.. Cinderella is well known in fairytale, however, in this musical drama, she stands out as the main character. The drama depicts her story as about goes through the challenges and ordeal of being the unwanted stepdaughter and was left at the hands of her stepmother and two stepsisters. She wished for nothing more than to escape and to be free from their clutches. She found her supposedly `escapism’ from her unhappy life when she meets the villain, Darth Vader who brings her to the dark side.

The cast of the UTB DREaM team has chosen the drama to highlight real-world issues so that the impact of the characters will be felt more profoundly and the audience has a memorable and emotional experience. In a way, the drama hopes to empower women and encourage them to obtain assistance if they face any traumatic experience, pressure, stress or even psychological issues from outside forces. The storyline is also cleverly written for STAR WARS fans to enjoy the show.

The talented 16-member cast from UTB DREaM club will take the stage to act, and sing in the “A Cinder in the Dark” drama presentation. The musical performance is supported by the Brunei Reading and Literacy Association (RELA). The club hopes to recruit more students from UTB to become part of their production team as Ushers/Runners, Backstage crew/Props/Sound/Lighting and Makeup Artists/Costume Designers for the highly anticipated event later in the year.

The performance is open to public and tickets will soon be available for purchase at supporting partners. For further information of the event, you may follow their official social media Instagram account at @utb_dreamclub and for the UTB students who are interested to join the production team, please do contact the UTB DREaM Club via Instagram account.

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