19 MAY 2018 –  The Faculty of Engineering of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) organised the ‘UTB Engineering Project Showcase 2018’ at the Common Engineering Block, Phase 3, UTB. In this year’s one-day showcase, a total of 150 projects: 134 Final Year Projects, and 16 Design Projects from third year students were displayed.

The projects were develop by students from Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering programme areas. The projects displayed are capstone projects that gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply engineering design and research principles in solving real-world problems including:

Civil Engineering – 30 Final Year Projects: road safety in Brunei, slope stability, pavement and concrete materials, water & environment, and modelling of innovative structures;

Electrical and Electronic Engineering – 37 Final Year Projects: microcontroller based smart technologies, embedded systems and their applications, automation in agriculture, solar power and its applications, energy and power systems, electric vehicles, image processing, optical fiber communications, silicon photonics, robotics, internet of things (IoT), computer programming and applications.

Mechanical Engineering – (a) 54 Final Year Projects: development and improvement of products; investigation of material behaviour and properties, and manufacturing processes; modelling and analysis of solids and fluid flows; renewable & alternative energies; and (b) 16 Group Design Projects “Downhill Cart” by 3rd year students; and

Petroleum and Chemical Engineering – 13 Final Year Projects (in groups): methanol production plant from biomass, natural gas or coal covering conceptual design, basis of design, overall balances, flow sheeting, SHE reviews, detailed design of major plant equipment (heat exchangers, flash drums, distillation columns and reactors), risk assessments and financial plans.

UTB preceded its vision last year by being the best 9 Universities of Engineering and Technology in Southeast Asia. The Faculty of Engineering is a major provider of higher engineering education in Brunei Darussalam since 1986. The faculty offers seven undergrate programmes, master and PhD programmes in Civil, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering disciplines.