UTB and UBD Students Benefit from “Huawei Seeds for the Future’ global CSR programme”

07 October 2017 – HUAWEI Technologies (B) Sdn Bhd has invited and fully sponsored University students from Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) for its ‘Huawei Seeds for the Future’ Global CSR programme.

This year, six (6) undergraduates from UTB and UBD, will undergo a two-week study trip starting from 1 October until 14 October 2017, in Beijing and Huawei’s Headquarters in Shenzen, where they will join other students from various countries also participating in the programme.

Participants of the programme will first be immersed in the Chinese culture by undergoing a weeklong Mandarin language and culture training at the Beijing Language and Culture University. This part of the training gives the students a chance to practice Mandarin and appreciate the diverse and rich Chinese culture as they mingle and visit historical landmarks in Beijing.

For the second half of the programme, the participants will gain first-hand work experience at Huawei’s Shenzen Headquarters. This is where the students are given opportunities to explore leading edge technologies such as 5G and the current trends in China. Students are given a glimpse of how global businesses operate and cross-cultural work practices, which help prepare them for an ICT career path in the future.

Past students who went on the progarmme have given excellent feedback on how it helps them appreciate the enormous opportunities in the ICT domain and the depth of the leading edge technologies that they get to experiment hands-on. Activities of the participants can be followed on Facebook “Huawei Seeds for the Future – BN”.


UTB and UBD students departing for the “Huawei Seeds for the Future’ global CSR programme” 1-14 October 2017


UTB and UBD students along with students from Malysia, Slovakia and Czech Republic in China Culture Village, Shenzhen 7 Oct 2017