22 June 2020 – Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) and Mr Baker’s Bakeshop signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop academic and research collaborative efforts to equip students with professional and industrial skills in multidisciplinary areas.

The MoU was signed by Yang Mulia Professor Dr Dayang Hajah Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman, Vice-Chancellor of UTB and Yang Mulia Mr Eric Pui Jeng Soon, the Founder of Mr Baker’s Bakeshop which took place at one of Mr Baker’s Bakeshop branches at Pavo Point, Jalan Kianggeh.

This collaboration serves to establish a pathway to provide learning opportunities for students of the University to increase their academic pursuits in terms of industrial internship experience.

Through internship, the students will be provided with hands-on training that allows them to gain required skills, understand the demands of industry and apply classroom theory into practice thus increasing the prospects of employability for UTB graduates. Both parties will leverage on their capabilities and resources to further strengthen the fields of Food Science and Technology, including organisation of relevant academic activities.

Mr Baker’s bakeshop has been long known to supply healthy breads and pastries to the local community and UTB, through Center of Research for Agri-Food Science and Technology (CrAFT) is keen to support this aspiration by providing scientific knowledge and research base for product innovation.

On the research front, various areas of projects are identified such as sustainable development endeavor to reduce food waste in their zero-waste initiative effort, conversion of undervalued food ingredients into high-value products, innovative food product development, consumers’ behaviour and application of information technology.



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