Planning and Development Office (PDO)



To implement strategic initiatives of UTB Vision “To Be Amongst The Best 10 University for Engineering and Technology in South East Asia by 2018”


The University's Strategic Plan is introduced in academic year 2013-2014. It is updated and approved in 2014. The strategic plan outlines the UTB Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Focus Areas, and Strategic Objectives to be amongst the best university for engineering and technology in South-East Asia. Each strategic focus area sets new aspirations for the university, and establishes goals that will propel the University in realizing its vision.

The Planning and Development Office (PDO):

The PDO is established under Vice-Chancellor’s Office to overlook the 2013/18 Strategic Plan in achieving UTB’s vision. The office:

  • Informs, supports and coordinates the development and implementation of UTB strategic initiatives.
  • Informs the relevant Principal Officers of advice or decision made by Vice-Chancellor on matters related to implementation of their strategic initiatives or UTB vision.
  • Carries out task instructed by Vice-Chancellor on matters pertaining to Vision, Strategic Focus Areas, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives of UTB.
  • Makes recommendation to Vice-Chancellor on seminar, conferences, workshop, status and QS related matter.
  • Arranges meeting for the Assistance Vice Chancellor to report and make presentation to Vice Chancellor on strategic plan priorities, action plan and accomplishments.
  • Reviews the Strategic Plan and performance against key performance indicators for the UTB
  • Organises and recommends workshop, retreat, seminars and conferences related to UTB’s Strategic Plans 2013-2018.
  • Responds and liaise with Ministry of Education and other Government Ministry with matters pertaining to Nation Strategic Plan

Past Event/Meeting:

6th August 2016 9am: SFA-1: Teaching and Learning Review Meeting

15th August 2016 9am: SFA-3: Community Engagement Review Meeting

15th August 2016 2pm: SFA-2: Research Excellence Review Meeting

17th August 2016: SP Reviews

7th November 2015: ITB Strategic Management Retreat 2015

Head of PDO

Dr. Lim Tiong Hoo
T: +673 2461020 Ext 1237


Dr. Lee Kok Yueh (Teaching and Learning)
T: +673 2461020 Ext 52562

Dr. Lim Pang Jen (Research Excellence)
T: +673 2461020 Ext 6011

Liana Artini binti Hj Mohd (Community Engagement)
T: +673 2461020 Ext 5319