The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) was formed in November 2011 with the prime focus of administering quality systems which will govern all academic matters in the University. The activities of the unit are guided by the Quality Unit Steering Committee. The unit is located in room 2F.109, Phase 2 of the University.

To ensure continuous enhancement of the quality of teaching and learning, existing Programmes of Study are reviewed every five years which would include input from external stakeholders, teaching staff, graduates and students. Modules related to each Programme of Study are also reviewed annually which includes end of module evaluation by teaching staff and students.

The QAU is also the repository for all documentation related to Quality which includes Minutes of Meetings; Reports of Examiners; Reports on Programme Reviews; Reports on Modules Reviews; Accreditation Reports; Quality Procedures; Teaching Materials, Exam Papers etc.

The QAU also act as an Examination Office for the University who is responsible for the administration of the University’s examination including dates for examination periods and examination boards, internal and external moderation of exam papers, printing of exam papers, distribution of exam results to students, processing “Extenuating Circumstances” and “Absence from Examination” forms etc.

Further information on the activities of the unit can be found in “UTB Academic Organisation and Study Regulations”.

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