Green Technology | Sustainability in Management

Sustainability, the capacity to endure, has become a topic of global concern in recent years, but it has long been a concept central to strategic management. It can be applied to all aspects of our lives such as business, society, environment, engineering and technology. Recently there is increase in awareness among organizations to adopt new approaches to respond to the challenges posed by change and build more sustainable processes and systems. Such fundamental changes in competitive environments raise a relatively new and unaddressed set of issues in strategic management research and practice which present an opportunity to revisit our notions of sustainability.

The following are the active research projects:

  • Dr. Motiar Rahman & Dyg Noor Hadijah binti Hj Abd Hadi – Transaction Costs in Construction
  • Dr. Ulaganathan Subramanian – Assessment of Financial Gap in Small and Medium Enterprise in Brunei Darussalam to facilitate Export Growth and Innovation
For interested research collaboration, research scholarships and/or graduate study opportunities, please contact the cluster leader or the respective researcher:

Dr. Afzaal H. Seyal

Cluster Leader

  • Research Interest:
    • Computing and Informatics.
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