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Selected Publication of the Members

  • Seyal, A. H., and Rahman, A. H. (2014) Evaluating the Internal and External Factors towards ERP Success: Examples from Bruneian Businesses. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 10(4), 75-98.
  • Seyal, A. H., Hamdani, I., and Rahman, M. N. (2014) A Study of Bruneian Corporate Customers’ Uses of Mobile services: An application of Value-Based Adoption Model. Journal of Communication and Computer, 11, 255-265. David Publishing, USA.
  • Seyal, A. H., Rahman, M. N. (2014). A preliminary Investigation of Personality & Facebook Usage among Students: Evidence from a Bruneian Technical College. Accepted to be published in Communications of the Global Information Technology (COGIT), Ivy League Publishing, USA.
  • Seyal, A.H. (2013) “A Preliminary Investigation of School Principals’ Use of ICT: Evaluating Demographical Factors” Malaysian Journal of Education, Vol 37(1).
  • Seyal, A. H., Rahman, M. N. (2013). “Testing Bass & Avolio Model of Leadership in Understanding ERP Implementation among Bruneian SMEs”, International Journal of Organizational & Management Studies.
  • Seyal, A. H., Looi, H. C. (2013). “A Pilot Study of Measuring Success of Government Financial & Accounting Information System: An e-Government Initiative using McLean & DeLone Model”. Paper submitted to International Journal of E-Government Research (IJEGR).
  • Tan, S.Y. M., Chin, S. T. S., Seyal, A. H., Yeow, J. A., and Tan, K. S. (2013). “The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence & Transformational Leadership Style among Student Leaders”. Journal of Southeast Asian Research, Vol. 2013, Article ID- 319474, 1-17 (
  • Seyal, A. H., Rahman, M. N., and Abid, A. A. (2013). “An Investigation of Perceived Benefits and perceived Barriers of E-businesses among Bruneian SMEs”. Journal of Advanced Management Sciences (JOAMS), vol. 1(2), June, 9-15. [DOI: 10:12720/joams 1.2.9-15].
  • Seyal, A. H., Afzaal, T. (2013) “An Investigation of Relationship among Emotional intelligence, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Academics in Brunei Darussalam”. International Business Research, Vol. 6(3), 1-12.
  • Seyal, A. H., Mohammad, A. H. Y., Rahman, M. N., and Mohd A, S. (2013) “Investigating the Role of External and Inter-organizational Factors in ERP Systems Success among Bruneian Businesses: A Pilot Study”, submitted for review to Business Process Management Journal..
  • Seyal, A. H., Mohammad, Y. H. A., Looi, H.C., Rahman, M.N. (2012) “Assessing the Perception of Academic Staff in Using E-Learning: Bruneian Perspective”, BDJTC, Vol. 6(1), December, 11-24.
  • Seyal, A. H., Mohammad, Y. H. A., Rahman, M. N. (2012) [/b]“Organizational Readiness, Entrepreneurship, External Pressures & Strategic Value of E-Commerce Adoption: Perception of CEOs of Bruneian SMEs”. International Journal of eBusiness and eGoverment Studies, Vol. 4(1), 1-12. (
  • Seyal, A. H., Afzaal, T., and Saun, S,. C. T. (2012) Assessing Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Executives: Examples from Bruneian SMEs. International Business Management, 6(4), 476-486. (
  • Seyal, A. H., Mohammad. Y. A. H. and Rahman M. N. (2012)[/b] “Exploring CEO’s Leadership Frames and E-Commerce Adoption among Bruneian SMEs”, Southeast Asian Journal of Management, 6(1), 33-52.
  • Seyal, A. H. (2012) “A Preliminary Study of School Administrators’ Use of Information & Communication Technologies: Bruneian Perspective”, International Journal of Education and Development Using ICT (IJEDICT) Vol. 8(1), 29-45.
  • Seyal, A. H., Turner, R. (2012) “A Study of Executives’ Use of Biometrics: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior”, Behaviour and IT Journal, UK. (Online available Mar 30th, DOI: 10.1080/0144929X.2012.659217) page 1-15.
  • Seyal, A. H., Rahim, M. Md. , and Turner, R. (2011) “Understanding Behavioural Determinants of m-Banking Adoption: Bruneian Perspectives”, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO), 9(4), 22-47.
  • Seyal, A. H. (2011) “Determinants of E-Banking among Bruneian Corporate Customers: An Application of TPB”, International Journal of E-Adoption, USA, Vol. 3(4), pp. 13-28
  • Seyal, A.H. and Rahim, M.R. (2011) “Customer Satisfaction with Internet Banking in Brunei Darussalam: Evaluating the Role of Demographic Factors”, e-Services Journal USA. Vol. 7(3), pp, 48-69.
  • Seyal, A. H., and Afzaal, T. (2011) “Evaluating Organizational Influences and Organizational Climate as Predictor of Job Stress: A Pilot Study among Bruneian IT Managers” Malaysian Management Review. Vol. 46(2), 1-16.
  • Seyal, A.H. and Rahim, M.M. (2010) “Understanding Electronic Commerce Adoption in Bruneian SMEs: A Replication of the Application of TAM and Perceived Strategic Value Models, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, Vol. 8(4), Oct-Dec, pp32-50.
  • Rahman, M.N., Rahman, A., Safar, S.N. and Kamarudin, N. (2014)[/b]. An Eigenfaces method on facial recognition. In F.L. Gaol, Z. Chaczko, K. Hashimoto, T. Matsuo and W. Grosky (Eds), Advances in Intelligent Systems, WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies, Vol. 53, pp. 69 – 77, ISBN 978-1-84564-869-5, eISBN 9781-84564-870-1, UK
  • Rahman, M.M. (2014). Relational Contracting for Sustainable Construction. “Redefining your ‘green’ approaches in research, design and project”, International Conference on Science, Engineering and Built Environments (ICSEBS 2014), 24-27 November 2014, Bali, Indonesia, 4 pages.
  • Rahman, M.M. (2014). Cost of prequalification: a pilot study. The 19th International Symposium on the Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate (CRIOCM 2014), 7-9 November 2014, Chongqing, China, 10 pages, in flash drive.
  • Rahman, M.M., Ugwu, O.O. and Kumaraswamy, M.M. (2014). Relational Integration for Sustainable Infrastructure, Proceeding of IET Brunei International Conference on Engineering & Technology (BICET 2014), 01-03 November, Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei Darussalam, 7 pages, in flash drive.
  • Rahman, M.M. (2014). Barriers of implementing Modern Methods of Construction. Journal of Management in Engineering, 30 (1), 69-77.
  • Hossain, M.K., Munns, A.K. & Rahman, M.M. (2013). Enhancing team integration in building information modeling (BIM) projects. ARCOM Doctoral workshop on ‘BIM Management and Interoperability’, Birmingham City University, Thursday 20 June 2013, Workshop Chair: Prof David Boyd, PP 78-92.
  • Rahman, M. and Alhassan, A. (2012). A contractor’s perception on early contractor involvement, Built Environment Project and Asset Management, 2(2), 217-233.
  • Rahman, M. M. and Kumaraswamy, M. M. (2012). Multi-country perspectives of relational contracting and integrated project teams. ASCE J. of Construction Engineering and Management, 138(4), 469-480.
  • Rahman, M. (2010). Revitalising Construction Project Procurement: through joint risk management and integrated systems, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrüken, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-8383-0534-9.
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