• To provide quality education in the fields of the Applied Sciences and Mathematics infused with industry-based training to produce graduates with strong aptitude in Econometrics, Industrial Management, Science and Technology.
  • To create and share knowledge to ensure a safe, healthy, and appealing food supply that supports the well-being and prosperity of people and the environment.
  • To nurture and develop student’s capacity in providing real-life problems in today’s fast paced financial services, industries, and abundant employment opportunities by offering a solid foundation in applied sciences and mathematics.

The School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics (SASM) currently has two programme areas: “Applied Mathematics and Economics” and “Food Science and Technology”. They offer innovative degrees in blend of applied mathematics and economics as well as food science and technology. The curriculum of each programme aims to meet the educational and career needs of learners who are going to work in environments that benefit from technical competency, practical knowledge and applied skills, which are required by fast growing industries and research and development organisations. SASM’s graduates have a skill set that is important for the strategies and objectives set out in the Brunei Vision 2035 and global skill demands.

The School maintains close links with relevant public and private sectors in Brunei Darussalam for the exchange of ideas and transfer of technology. It is prepared to provide services to industries and develop innovative science and technological advances through high quality research outputs and generating commercial revenue.

The School establishes collaborations with national and international universities as well as industries for staff and students exchange, collaborative research and students’ work placement.

Programmes Offered:


School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics

School Administration

Office | 2F.03
Phone | +673 2461020 Ext 5353
Email | nava.navaranjan@utb.edu.bn

Office | 1F.93
Phone | +6732461020 Ext 5247
Email | duraisamy.sankar@utb.edu.bn

Programme Leader, Applied Mathematics and Economics
E: duraisamy.sankar@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 5247
Room: 1F.93

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Senior Lecturer
AME Programme Exam Officer
AME Programme Intranet (UTB Portal) Coordinator
BriTE@UTB Coordinator
Secretaries to SASM School Board and SASM School Exam Board
E: hasnanizan.taib@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 5264
Room: 1F.111

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Visiting Staff
T: +673 2461020 Ext 1321
Room: 2A.22

Associate Professor
E: muhaimin.ismoen@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 1325
Room: 2A.40

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Secretary, School Migration Committee
Secretary, School Staff Recruitment Committee
E: sitimazul.majid@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 5333
Room: 2F.106

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Acting Programme Leader, Food Science and Technology
E: nava.navaranjan@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 5353
Room: 2F.03

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Year 1 Coordinator, Food Science and Technology
Secretary, Management Committee of School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics
Examination Officer
E: aida.basri@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 1225
Room: 1A.26

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Assistant Professor
Year 2 BSc Programme Coordinator
E: syazana.lim@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext
Room: 2A.42

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Secretary, Postgraduate Committee of School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics
Website Coordinator
E: shyangpei.hong@utb.edu.bn
T: +673 2461020 Ext 6033
Room: AD.L3.14

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