Career Guidance Unit

Career Guidance Unit aims to empower our students to be equipped future graduates.  An ongoing service for students known as  “Career Clinic :  Graduates Skills Workshop” offers professional training and live job recruitment opportunities.  All students are encouraged to register via our Career Office by phone, email, or official social media to get the current updates.



  • To track the graduates employment path.

  • To provide seminars, workshops and courses to students to enhance their career prospects.

  • To assist in the organisation of career dialogues with a view to exploring employment opportunities.

  • To provide career counselling for students to choose the right career paths and for right job search strategies.

  • To assist graduates who are just entering the workforce.

  • To match graduates with jobs that will give them the ultimate balance of financial payoff and job satisfaction.

  • To gather employer feedback on students’ and graduates’ performance.

  • To act as a focal point for MOE in identifying career pathways

Contact Career Officer


Head of Religious Unit
Office: 2F.59
Tel: 2461020 Ext: 5306

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