Staff Excellence Awards for year 2016

Teaching Excellence Award

 (School of Computing and Informatics)
Dr Haji Afzaal Seyal

Senior Lecturer
Computing & Information Systems Programme Area

Joined UTB on 29th April 1990

A recipient of the University Research Excellence Award 2015, Dr Afzaal Seyal has been in UTB for 26 years.  In his words, “Teaching is an art plus a science which can be mastered over a period of time”.  “In today’s digital era, teaching only forms a part of the activity, whereas facilitating students’ needs and acquiring of knowledge play another important role”.


(Faculty of Engineering)
Dr David Geraint Hassel

Associate Professor
Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Programme Area

Joined UTB on 6th January 2012


A recipient of the Lord Dearing Teaching Fellowship from Nottingham University in 2011, Dr David Geraint Hassell continues to support students’ learning activities and performance since joining UTB in 2012.  What make him stand out is his innovative method in teaching and learning as well as his involvement in educational research.

(UTB School of Business) 

Dr Ulaganathan Subramanian

Principal Lecturer
Accounting Programme Area

Joined UTB on 26thJanuary 2012


Believes that a teacher who demonstrates curiosity and passion will encourage and motivate students to learn and seek knowledge.  Learner oriented teaching to him would promote learning that is both purposeful and enduring.  Currently processing ACCA professional qualifications papers to further boost the quality and standard of the Accounting Programme Area.


Research Excellence Award 2016 Early Career Academic


(Faculty of Engineering)

Dr Jaya Narayan Sahu

Associate Professor

Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Programme Area

Joined UTB on 3rdMarch 2014


Shortly after joining UTB in 2014, Dr Jaya Narayan Sahu received the ProSPER.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award (YSA).  His expertise is in the field of Chemical Engineering as well as Environmental Engineering.


 (UTB School of Business)

Dr Mohamed Saleem Haja Nazmudeen

Senior Lecturer

Joined UTB on 19th December 2013


Upon joining UTB in 2013, Dr Mohamed Saleem applied for an internal grant on Smart Grid Data Analysis with Fog-Computing. Currently, working on Smart Farming Research Project by collaborating with the IoT research teams from UPM, Malaysia looking into the usage of IoT and other technologies in agriculture.


Research Excellence Award 2016 Senior Career Academic

Faculty of Engineering
Professor Dr Fushuan WenProfessor

Electrical and Electronic Enginering Programme Area

Joined UTB on 28thMay2014

Joining UTB in 2014, amongst his research area expertise are power economics and electricity markets, power system investment, planning and operation optimization as well as smart grids and electric vehicles.


(School of Computing & Informatics)
Dr Somnuk Phon-AmnuaisukAssociate Professor

Creative Computing Programme Area 

Joined UTB on 4thMarch 2013


Graduated from The University of Edinburgh, UK with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.  Joined UTB in 2013, amongst his research area expertise are Artificial Intelligence, Creative Computing, Machine Learning & Data Mining, Emergent Computing as well as Ubiquitous Computing.



Administrative Excellence Award 2016 Management & Professional


Mr Lim Chui Hua

Deputy Registrar (Administration)

Registrar’s Office


Joined UTB on 3rdOctober 2011

‘A gateway for us on all matters to sustain our well-being in UTB’ was the comment received for this recipient.  Joined UTB in 2011 and is seen as a well-informed officer both in administration as well as faculty matters.  Some are pleasantly surprised by the recipients’ speed of communication and skill in handling queries.  He is a true administrator indeed.


Administrative Excellence Award 2016 Technician


Awang Mohammad Kamarulzaman bin Abdullah @ Lurin bin Libut

Chief Lab Technician, Estate Office


Served UTB from 02nd December 1985 – 2nd September 2015 and re-joined on 10thNovember 2015

A well-known figure amongst the UTB family, the recipient first joined UTB in 1998. The maintenance and well-being of the UTB campus building and infrastructure is top priority.  Awang Mohammad Kamarulzaman’s dedication, commitment and willingness to work at odd hours made UTB re-recruited him after his retirement in 2015. 


Administrative Excellence Award 2016 Administrative Support Staff


Dayang Hajah Siti Mariam Haji Amit

Office Assistant, Personnel Section

Registrar’s Office


Joined UTB on 8thFebruary 1988

Joining UTB in 1988, Dayang Hajah Siti Mariam is one of the longest serving staff around.  Despite joining as a telephone operator, she upgraded herself to an Office Assistant.  She is willing to challenge herself and undertook many administrative roles ranging from budgeting, secretary as well as clerical work.  Seen as a valuable ‘handy woman’ for UTB newly arrived contract staff.


Special Mention

Teaching Excellence Award 2016

Faculty of Engineering
Professor Dr Zuruzi Abu Samah

Mechanical Engineering Programme Area

Joined UTB on 5thFebruary 2015


Earning the doctoral degree at the Materials Department of University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2005, Professor Dr Zuruzi’s interest has always been Material Science.  Joined UTB in 2015, he enjoys working with students.  His research program seeks to encourage active participation of student researchers.


School of Computing & Informatics
Dr Wida Susanty binti Haji Suhaili

Senior Lecturer
Computer Network Security Programme Area

Joined UTB on 2ndNovember 2004


A very experienced member of the academic staff, Dr Wida Susanty teaches both HND level and Degree level students.  Adopting interactive learning and active learning as well as showing deep concern on student’s performance, she is well liked by students.
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Shahriar Shams

Senior Lecturer
Civil Engineering Programme AreA

Joined UTB on 22ndDecember 2012


Joined UTB in 2012, Dr Shahriar Shams believes that motivation and inspiration are the pre-requisite for successful and lifelong learning process.  His approach to teaching including positive atmosphere, fair playing field, pastoral care, empowerment, respect as well as sincerity and honesty has landed him high evaluation scores from different student groups.



UTB School of Business
Mr Soh Seng Hu

Senior Lecturer
Accounting Programme Area


Joined UTB on 8thNovember 1998


A Chartered Accountant by profession, his in-depth knowledge in the field of accounting as well as his methods of delivering lectures made learning accounting an interesting and enjoyable subject.  His dedication and commitment to the teaching profession paid off when in 2012, he was awarded the Special Mention Award in conjunction with the 22nd Teacher’s Day celebration.



Centre for Communication, Teaching & Learning
Dr Lee Kok Yueh



Joined UTB on 29thMarch 2014


Being a staff member of the Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning Dr Lee Kok Yueh is greatly involved in the delivery of the modules offered by the centre.  A vibrant lecturer who is dedicated, committed and well liked by the students.  ‘… always inspires and gives good advice to the students …’ ‘… always available for the students …’



Research Excellence Award 2016 Senior Career Academic

Faculty of Engineering
Dr Md Abdus Salam

Senior Lecturer
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme Area

Joined UTB on 15thJanuary 2007

With his continuous and relentless effort, all papers presented in the 5th BICET conference are published in the IET digital library and IEEE Explorer.  This is the first time such indexing of UTB’s conference proceedings has taken place.


School of Computing & Informatics
Awang Haji Mohd Noah Haji A Rahman

Senior Lecturer

Computing & Information Systems Programme Area


Joined UTB on 27thNovember 1993


Having been in UTB for over 20 years, Awang Haji Mohd Noah has continuously produced research papers amongst which had been awarded ‘The Best Paper’ in The 13th Asia Pacific Management Conference, Australia as well as The Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Australia.     


Administrative Excellence Award 2016 Technician

 Awang Md Kamarudjaman bin Abu Bakar

Senior Laboratory Technician

Joined UTB on 13thJuly 1998


Honored with the Excellent Silver Award from the Public Service Commission, Awang Kamarudjaman has worked in UTB since 1998.  As a Senior Laboratory Technician, he is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.  Seen as a helpful, respectful, committed, sincere, pro-active and reliable staff by the ME family.  A great problem solver and is willing to work at odd hours.     

Administrative Excellence Award 2016 Administrative Support Staff

 Dayang Hajah Noraidah Haji Madin

Assistant Library Officer Grade 1

UTB Library


Joined UTB on 1stMarch 2000


Having undertaken her Diploma in Information and Library Management in 2004, Dayang Hajah Noraidah helped to create the UTB library website. To further develop her capabilities she completed her Higher National Diploma in Internet and Multimedia in 2011.  Continue to serve the UTB family at the UTB Library.