24 June 2020 – The School of Computing and Informatics (SCI) in collaboration with the Centre for Communication, Teaching & Learning (CCTL) conducted SCI Curriculum Development Workshop at the Training Room, Phase 3 of the University.

The three-day workshop was designed to provide participants on ways to design curriculum contents that are relevant to ensure SCI graduates are knowledgeable and display specialised technical skills in the domain area and uphold the core values of the University.

About twenty attendees comprised of lecturers and staff participated at the workshop facilitated by Dr. Norihan Abu Hassan, Dean of CCTL; Ms. Voon Nyuk Hiong, Senior Lecturer from SCI; and Dr. Nena Padilla-Valdez, Senior Assistant Professor, CCTL.

At the workshop, the participants were involved in discussions to share the process in developing the programme intended learning outcome (PILO), education objectives and programme structure for Computer and Information Systems (CIS) programme area as well as to review the accreditation process and mapping to the PILO. The workshop also discussed ways to develop outcome-based modules according to three domains of learning namely cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitude) and psychomotor (skills).


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