Research Thrusts

“UTB Multidisciplinary Research Niche Areas”

The Research Thrusts have been recently formed utilising on the existing strengths of both UTB and the current Research Clusters. The Research Thrusts have been identified through consultations amongst the UTB Senior Management and the UTB Research Committees and represent niche areas in which UTB currently or can excel in. The Research Thrusts will provide the opportunity for cross-disciplinary Research, Development & Innovation across the Research Clusters of UTB and subsequently break down the walls of traditional disciplinary-based research and enhance multi-disciplinary approach research. This will also improve the opportunities to compete for larger grants from external research funding bodies and to publish in top-tier publications. The Research Thrusts provide the opportunity and platform to undertake R&D and find solutions from the combined perspectives of engineers, economists, business and ICT specialists. There are currently 3 Research Thrusts.

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