Centre for Research on Agri-Food Science and Technology (CrAFT)

CrAFT Network structure and partnership

  • UTB established the CrAFT which is a university wide research centre and serves as a platform for networking of researchers and pooling resources from various schools and faculty of UTB to work on agri-food related projects.

  • CrAFT focuses on R&D services to enhance the value, productivity and profitability of agriculture and food sectors.

  • CrAFT closely works with public and private agri-food sectors, and government agencies of Brunei Darussalam.

  • CrAFT collaborates with local and overseas R&D organisations to advance its science and technology.


CrAFT Research Projects

The projects are conducted in various modes ranging from Final Year Projects for undergraduate students to PhD-level projects. In addition, UTB is engaged with external partners such as Brunei Agriculture Research Centre (BARC), MPRT and other public and private food sectors to conduct research.

  • UTB won a competitive external funding for agri-food related project by Dr. Wida Susanty, “A mesh-topological, low-power wireless network platform for a smart watering system” from ASEAN-IVO.
  • ASEAN-IVO has also shortlisted another UTB’s project by Prof. Beston Nore, “Sustainable model of Micro-Ecological-Farming For Urban Populated Areas” (Fig. 1) for funding in the next year.
  • Some of the projects that are done in collaboration with Brunei’s Agri-Food sectors are:
    • Extending shelf-life of food products
    • Medicinal plants in Brunei Darussalam as potential sources in functional food development through phytochemical and biological studies
    • Plant Based Emulsion Gels For Making Halal Meat Sausages
    • Processing of Selected Fruits and Vegetables for Competitive Export Market
    • Optimum Process for Canning Halal Poultry Meat for Extended Shelf-Life
    • Optimisation by computer simulation of available resources of the Labi rice farm to increase the rice production in Brunei
    • Enhancing nutritional value of local rice flour

CraFT Material

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