Recent Publications

  • SNBM Said, ESMM Zahran, S Shams, 2017: Forest Fire Risk Assessment Using Hotspot Analysis in GIS. The Open Civil Engineering Journal, 11: 786-801, DOI: 10.2174/1874149501711010786.
  • M. M. Zahran, S. J. Tan, Y. H. Yap and E. K. Abdul Rahman (2017), “A Novel Approach for Identification and Ranking of Road Traffic Accident Hotspots”, 2017 6th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic Engineering (ICTTE 2017), Hong Kong
  • Tan S. J., Ladi S., Zahran E. M. M., Yap Y. H., Abdul Rahman E.K. & Abdullah N. (2016). “A review of road traffic accident statistics and trends in Brunei Darussalam”, BICET 2016, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Zahran E.S.M.M., Tan S. J., Yap Y.H., Abdul Rahman E.K. & Tan S.J.  (2016). “A GIS-based Approach to Identification and Prioritisation of Road Traffic Accident Hotspots”, BICET 2016, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Jamudin N. A. M., Tan S.J.,Yong S. Y., Abdul Rahman E.K. & Zahran E.S.M.M. (2016).“The Influence of an Advanced Amber Warning System on Driver Behaviour in Brunei Darussalam”, BICET 2016, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Yap Y.H., Zahran E.S.M.M., Abdul Rahman E.K. & Tan S.J.  (2016). “An Innovative Approach to Road Safety Auditing based on Geometric and Operational Considerations”. BICET 2016, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Voon NH, Kadir SNHA, Belayan MA, Poon SH & Zahran ESMM. (2016). “Rides for Rewards (R4R): A Mobile Application to Sustain an Incentive Scheme for Public Bus Transport”. Proc. of Computational Intelligence in Information Systems Conference (CIIS 2016), Springer Int’l Pub. Cham; 60-71.
  • E. K. Abdul Rahman, S. K. Abdul Rahman, A. A. M. Nor, S. J. Tan, Y. H. Yap and E. M. M. Zahran (2016), “The Effect of Reflective Paper on Students’ Performance in Civil Engineering Education”, accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Brunei International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2016.
  • Sarbini, M.A.M., Hassan, S.B., Tan, S.J., Ahmad, P.M.N.P.H. (2014), “Design of a RFID-based speed monitoring system for road vehicles in Brunei Darussalam”, I4CT 2014 – 1st International Conference on Computer, Communications, and Control Technology, Proceedings, Article. no. 6914178, pp. 219-223.
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