Welcome to the Planning and Development Office (PDO).

The PDO was established in 2014, under the Vice-Chancellor’s Office to overlook the last UTB 2013/18 Strategic Plan vision. UTB has successfully achieved its strategic vision “To Be Amongst the Best 10 University for Engineering and Technology in South East Asia by 2018” in 2017 based on QS ranking data. That brings a close to the 2013-18 strategic plan.

As UTB moves forward, the new UTB 2019/23 Strategic Plan has been developed with a new vision “A Global University Impacting Society”. This new vision aims to extend UTB contributions toward Brunei Wawasan 2035 and produce future graduate that can bring impact and development to the nation.  

The PDO is responsible for the University ranking and the monitoring of the university’s strategic plan. We work collaboratively across the Faculties, Schools and Administration to develop enabling strategies and integrated plans that support the University new vision and move toward making UTB a global university through its new initiates. We also analyse and provide high quality UTB information to internal and external stakeholders.

The PDO Team

The PDO consists of a team of four looking after these areas:

  • University Ranking and Rating
  • Strategic Plan Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence



Dr Lim Tiong Hoo
T: +673 2461020 Ext 1237
E: lim.tiong.hoo@utb.edu.bn

Deputy Director

Dr. Aida Maryam binti Hj Basri
E: aida.basri@utb.edu.bn

Strategic Analyst Coordinator

Hjh Shanafizahwatty Binti Mat Salleh
E: shana.salleh@utb.edu.bn

Strategic Intelligence Coordinator

Mr Ibrahim bin Dris/Edris
E: ibrahim.edris@utb.edu.bn

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The PDO is responsible for

  • The University Ranking and Rating Project.
  • Monitoring and Reviewing UTB Strategic Plan 2019-23 and performance against key performance indicators.
  • Engaging with the Vice-Chancellor and executive to establish the strategic planning themes for the forthcoming year develop long-term strategy and set performance metrics.
  • Undertaking other tasks as directed by Vice-Chancellor.
  • Informing the university’s Principal Officers of advice or decision made by the Vice-Chancellor on matters pertaining to the implementation of their strategic initiatives or UTB vision.
  • Making recommendation to Vice-Chancellor on seminar, conferences, workshop, status and QS related matter.
  • Responding and liaising with the Ministry of Education and other Government Ministries with matters related to a National Strategic Plan
  • Maintaining strategic and productive working relationships through consultation and networking with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to achieve the university objectives.

UTB Strategic Plan 2019-23

As part of UTB supports to achieve the Nation WAWASAN 2035, UTB has released its Strategic Plan for 2019-23 in July 2019. In this strategic plan, UTB hopes to nurture social responsible talents deeply rotted in MIB values and committed to building a global and entrepreneurial society in pursuit of innovation, industry relevant capabilities, towards the fulfilment of Brunei Vision 2035 as stated in its mission. UTB would like to become “A Global University Impacting Society”.

The office of the Planning and Development is responsible for drafting and publishing this document. We will continue to assist senior management to monitor and review the KPIs yearly in order to push for the achievement of UTB vision 2023.

A copy of the UTB Strategic Plan 2019-23 can be downloaded from here

UTB Ranking and Rating Project

The PDO is given the responsibility to lead and manage the UTB ranking and rating project in July 2014. The objectives of UTB ranking and Rating Project are to include UTB in QS University Ranking by 2018 and to benchmark UTB against other Universities in the World


UTB QS Star Rating Project

In July 2017, the PDO submitted UTB’s institutional data to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), an international ranking body based in London. Over 50 indicators were analysed.

In Sept 2017, UTB became the first university in Brunei Darussalam to be awarded with QS four Stars rating.

Nine months later, QS invited UTB to submit 12 additional data for the new program strength category introduced by QS in Aug 2017. In Aug 2018, QS upgraded UTB to five stars making UTB, the first and only Five Stars rated University in Brunei Darussalam. With this rating, it puts UTB alongside some of the very best universities in the world.

For more details on UTB QS Rating Analysis, please visit UTB QS five Stars Rating Report

UTB QS Ranking Project

UTB achieved its vision in October 2017 when UTB was included in the 2018 QS Asia University Ranking at 165, using the analytical data submitted in February 2017. This is a significant milestone for UTB 9 years after being upgraded to a university status. UTB stands at position #9 amongst universities specialising or offering Engineering and Technology programs in Southeast Asia (SEA), featured in QSAUR. UTB also stands at #40 amongst Engineering and Technology Universities in Asia and #3 in Southeast Asia. Currently, UTB is ranked #137 in QS Asia University Ranking 2020.

In June 2018, UTB enters QS World University Ranking for the first time at #465, 8 months after being included in QSAUR. This makes UTB the fastest and youngest university in South East Asia to be ranked in QS World Ranking. Last year, UTB has climbed 63 places to #370 for 2019/20 QS World Ranking. In 2020, UTB is at #350.

UTB also ranks in QS Top 50 under 50 young University Ranking at #40 this year.

For more details on UTB QS Ranking Exercises, please visit

UTB PDO Milestones and Rankings and Rating Project Timeline

Jan 2015 – QS Star Project Initiated

Aug 2015 – QS Star Preliminary Assessment

Mar 2016 – Official Registration to QS (Name Changed)

Feb 2017 – Data Submission for QS Asia University Ranking 

Jul 2017 – Data Submission for QS Stars Rating

Sep 2017 – The first University in Brunei Darussalam with QS Four Stars.

Oct 2017 – QS Asia University Ranking @ 165

Oct 2017 – UTB achieves its vision being #9 E&T University in SEA.

Feb 2018 – Data Submission for QS World University Ranking 

May 2018 – Additional Data Submission for QS Stars  Project

Jun 2018 – QS World University Ranking @ 442

Jun 2018 – QS Top 50 under 50 2019 University Ranking @ 57

Aug 2018 – The only 5 Stars University in Brunei Darussalam awarded by QS.

Oct 2018 – QS Asia University Ranking @ 181.

Jun 2019 – QS World University Ranking 2020 @ 370

Jun 2019 – QS Top 50 under 50 2020 University Ranking @ 51

Aug 2019 – Launch of UTB Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Nov 2019 – QS Asia University Ranking 2020 @ 137.

Jun 2018 – QS World University Ranking 2021 @ 350

Jun 2020 – QS Top 50 under 50 2021 University Ranking @ 40



  • Top 200 QS World Ranking
  • Top 100 QS Asia Ranking
  • Times Asia University Ranking 2022


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