Research Thrusts | Oil & Gas

It is well known that Oil & Gas forms the core of Brunei Darussalam’s economy with hydrocarbon resources accounting more than 50% of the nation’s GDP. Obviously Brunei’s dependence on Oil & Gas is strong. Along with the active process of energy diversification to ensure long-term sustainability, attention to the Oil & Gas Industry in the context of Brunei should not be reduced. The Government has realised this and subsequently diversification has also included drives to develop industries which are still related to Oil & Gas, such as the downstream side.

The Oil & Gas Research Thrust aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines to support Oil & Gas Research & Development. These include more efficient and innovative methodologies of Oil & Gas findings, production and processing, oil & gas economics, as well as research directly related to improvement of the Oil & Gas industry as a whole.

There are 2 Research Clusters under the Oil & Gas Research Thrust:

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